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Do you suffer from any of these inflammatory diseases-IBS/Diverticulitis/Crohns/Psoriasis/Food allergies/Gas and bloating/any skin conditions/thyroid/ms - or any gut related condition?

I have been a functional medicine doctor for over 20 years and have worked with thousands of patients with great success.

Most people present to me with medical conditions related to their digestive problems

I give them a simple step by step procedure in order to bring down their inflammation. I do this by healing the gut and then targeting the organ that has been affected. I give a 2 hour consultation with word documents telling you what steps to take. Once you understand how to manage your illness by ongoing support from me if needed you will find you are to overcome your digestive problem.

Stomach pain woman with red circle targeting painful area on lower abdomen body. Medical issue of gut health or crohn's disease, ibs syndrome and more.

I Can Help You

Close up of a young multi-ethnic woman's stomach cupped by her hands. High quality photo

Inflammation - Learn to heal and seal your gut lining

Woman sitting on sofa at home pain in nose and throat, cold and allergy, covid-19 disease, temperature. High quality photo

Reduce Inflamation in
Gut and Brain

Cropped shot of woman in sweater holding her wrist pain

Reduce Skin Allergies
By Healing the Gut

I take a step by step approach and will tell you what foods to take out and foods to include in your new food plan by simply following 4 basic rules.

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